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Noodletools Help: Cite an eBook

Guide to getting started with Noodletools

What are eBooks?

E-Books (electronic books) are digital versions of traditional print books.

Most e-Books contain the same content as the print book, but occasionally copyright restrictions may result in some images not being included.

Why we love e-Books:

  • E-Books are always available, and can be used by multiple students at a time!
  • You can search e-Books. In fact, you can search hundreds of them at the same time!
  • You can bookmark and take notes within e-Books using a free account.
  • You can print out articles in PDF format, if you want to read and take notes offline. PDF files look just like the original print article.
  • You can e-mail yourself e-Book articles to review later.
  • E-Books are easy to cite! Every article has a citation listed for you.

Citing from eBooks to Noodletools

Remember that almost all databases give you a complete appropriately formatted citation for articles.  To move that citation from the database to Noodletools, follow either of these simple steps:


1.  Copy the complete citation from the database.

2.  In Noodletools, select Where you found the article

3.  Select What from the list of options.

4.  Select Quick Cite and past your citation in the box.



Some databases, including GALE, offer direct citation export to Noodletools.  If offered, be sure you are logged into Noodletools and have your project OPEN before exporting the citation.  Here is an example from a Gale database: