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Noodletools Help: Cite a Website

Guide to getting started with Noodletools

Keep in Mind

When using Google or any other search engine to locate information, be sure to evaluate the quality of the website before using. 

Once you have verified that the information is trustworthy, follow the steps for creating a complete citation.

2. Review Evaluation Criteria

Take some time to read and review the four criteria for website evaluation.


Why It’s Important…

Questions to Ask…

Where to Look…







Ø     You want information from a knowledgeable source – an expert on the topic.


*  Who created this


 An individual?

 An organization?
 A college or  


*  What education or

     experience makes

     them an expert?




·        Top or Bottom of main page


·         “About this site”






Ø   You want to be

     aware of any

     personal opinions,

     prejudice or bias.


*  What is this purpose

     of the site? (sell,

     persuade, inform)


*  Is this fact or




·         Mission/Purpose


·          “About this site”


·         Be careful of .orgs






Ø     You want recent, up-to-date information on your topic.

*    When was the site



*    When was it last updated?


*    Is it current enough          for my topic?

·       Top or Bottom of main page

·         “About this site”


·         “Last Updated”

·         “Copyright”


Content Quality



Ø     You want to ensure that the information is trustworthy.


*  Does the author cite

    sources or give



* Are proper writing

   mechanics (spelling

   and grammar) used?



·         “About this site”

·         “Sources”

·         “References”

Citing from a website (NOT an NHS subscription database)

1. Select Where you found the information  



2. Select What from the list of options.



3. Complete the form with information you find on the webpage

(Most pages have author and publication information at the bottom of the page - or look for an "About this site"  link)