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Noodletools Help: Cite an Image

Guide to getting started with Noodletools

Citing an image from a website

Be sure to ALWAYS check for information on copyright status or any licensing applied to images before use. Even if images are in the public domain or free for re-use, they should always be attributed to the creator.

It's simple to do in Noodletools:

1. Select Where you found the image  

2. Select What from the list of options.



3. Complete the form with information from the image website (NOT Google).

If the image does not have a title, you will need to write a description of the image yourself.

Using Images in Multimedia Presentations

Images used in multimedia presentations (Powerpoint, Prezi, Glogster, etc.) require two (2) acknowledgements:

1. At the point of use in the presentation, there must be a reference to the item as listed in the works cited page.

  A text box inserted beneath the image is suggested. 

For example:


                                  Image by U. Ostrommaysi  


2. You must cite the image in your works cited page.  

For example (APA):

Ostrommaysi, U. (2009, May 27). Hydrogen [Digital image]. Retrieved October 30, 2015, from

 See the exception for Microsoft Clip Art below.

What about Clip Art?

When using Microsoft Office, you may use clip art images in products that you create, including those that you upload to the web.

Be sure to do the following:

Include a statement with the image (see the example below) that identifies the image as Microsoft Clip Art and includes the version (date) of Microsoft Office that you used.


 picture of crayons
Image from Microsoft Clip Art 2010. 

Also, Microsoft Clip Art should NOT be included in an APA Reference List or MLA Works Cited List.