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Noodletools Help: Cite a Database

Guide to getting started with Noodletools

Why we LOVE Databases

Databases are rich collections of quality information often organized by topic or discipline.  Since these collections are authored and curated by professionals, they are a great resource for student research. 

One of the many features of most databases is the citation tool, which offers many styles of citations that can be generated and copied into a works cited page or bibliography. 

Follow the steps below to include a database citation in your Noodletools list of sources for your project.

Citing from Databases to Noodletools

Remember that almost all databases give you a complete appropriately formatted citation for articles.  To move that citation from the database to Noodletools, follow either of these simple steps:


1.  Copy the complete citation from the database.

2.  In Noodletools, select Where you found the article

3.  Select What from the list of options.

4.  Select Quick Cite and paste your citation in the box.



Some databases, including GALE,  offer direct citation export to Noodletools .  If offered, be sure you are logged into Noodletools and have your project OPEN before exporting the citation.  Here is an example from a Gale database: