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What's New at NHS Library: NHS Book Club

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We welcome suggestions from staff and students for resources that you would like to see as part of the NHS collection.  We value your opinion and will consider all recommendations.

NHS Book Club 23-24

NHS Book Club Meets in the NHS Library at 2:30 on (generally) the last Thursday of each month to discuss a CT Nutmeg Award-nominated book.  Students who read at least one of the titles are eligible to vote for the Nutmeg Award in the Spring.  Copies of the books are available in the NHS Library for students to borrow each month. The schedule for 2023-2024 is:

October 19th - In the Wild Light by Jeff Zentner

Loan Period: 8/29/22 - 10/13/22

November 30th - The Bridge by Bill Konisberg

Loan Period: 10/18/22 - 12/3/22

January 4th - How Moon Fuentes Fell in Love with the Universe by Raquel Vasquez Gilliland

Loan Period: 12/1/22 - 1/11/23

February 1st - Heroine by Mindy McGinnis

Loan Period: 1/9 - 2/24

February 29th - Girls Like Us by Randi Pink

Loan Period: 2/22/23 - 4/7/23

March 28th - Today, Tonight, Tomorrow by Rachel Lynn Solomon

Loan Period: 3/29/23 - 5/11/23

April 25th - Firekeeper's Daugther by Angelique Boulley

Loan Period: 4/24/23 - 6/8/23

May 30th - Three Things I Know Are True by Betty Culley