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Persuasive Speech: Speech

A guide to resources for researching a persuasive speech.

Notetaking Templates

Salem Press eBooks

WorldBook Student

A great starting point for research on a variety of topics.

Opposing Viewpoints In Context

Do a keyword search - or use "Browse Issues".

Global Issues in Context Widget

Do a keyword search - or use "Browse Topics and Issues".

Academic Search Premier

U.S. History in Conext

* Destiny Catalog

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NoodleTools Help

Use the link above for a comprehensive set of links/tools to use Noodletools most effectively.

* Google Search / Website Evaluation

Evaluate your selection before using:

1. Authority?

  • An individual? An organization? An educational institution?
  • What education or experience makes them an expert?

2. Objectivity?

  • What is the purpose of the site?
  • Basic information? Persuasion? Selling something?
  • What is the motive? Beware of bias (especially from .orgs)

3. Currency?

  • When was the site created? Last updated?
  • Is this current enough for my research?
  • Do the links work?

4. Content Quality?

  • Where does the information come from?
  • Does the author credit sources or give references?
    • References are different than links to “additional information”!
Google Web Search

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